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The 1st Happiness Seekers short animated film is now available!

 “Happiness Seekers”

What is typical of all young people: they are looking for happiness. There are also a lot of pitfalls. All the promises, waiting, hoping, and all the more disillusionment, loss and depression – in many cases. Falling into gambling and substance addictions, unwanted pregnancy, loss of worth and wrecked relationships, lost years and purity… these are just examples of the hazards. This problem needs to be solved!

The goal of all our activities is to get people to think, to stimulate and redirect them. We want the trustworthy lifestyle of the next generation to be promoted in the most important spheres of life by a trustworthy basis for values, a clear self-knowledge, and a commitment to proper behaviour! This is why the “Happiness Seekers” study materials have been produced to inform teenagers on drugs, relationships, family, anger, communication – on the basis of a Biblical value system.

A short animated film has now been produced for the Happiness Seekers 1 study material, and you can watch the demo version of this on our website!

For further information on the video: Mrs. Erika Kőrös, psfa [harmadik] enternet [dot] hu


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