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International Children’s Safety Service


The Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission is involved in teaching Bible knowledge to children and preparing young people for life in the classrooms of nursery, primary and secondary schools throughout the year with the participation of around 4000 pupils all over the country.


Every year on the occasion of the City Park children’s day, they provide children with a full day schedule. Puppet shows, handicraft activities, clown performances, sketches and live music make for a varied programme. They have been regular guests at our event for years, and their performances attract visitors.

Ilona Battyány Primary School Board

Opinion on the operation and activities of Palánta Children’s Mission in our school.

Ilona Battyány Primary School has been in regular contact with the mission ministry for a number of years.

Every school year, before Christmas in December and before Easter in spring, we hold a free musical puppet show for interested pupils in the school as organised and performed by the mission. These events are always successful and generate positive feedback. The children show interest and are happy to attend these performances, and enjoy the shows as participating parties.

Headmaster of St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School

Subject: certification

I the undersigned, as headmaster of St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School, certify that Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission has participated regularly in the events of our school for six years now. Their high standard performances and the gifts for our pupils have added intimacy and colour to our celebrations.

dr. Buda Béla, a Nemzeti Drogmegelőzési Intézet tudományos munkatársának a Boldogságkeresők c. kiadványra tett ajánlása


A „Boldogságkeresők” kitűnő ifjúsági programsorozat, amely a lelki egészségfejlesztést és problémás fiatalkori viselkedésformák megelőzését szolgálja. Interaktív program, amely a fiatalokat igyekszik bevonni munkafüzet és izgalmas CD révén. A 4. számú kiadvány címe: Győztes önuralom. Érzelemkalauz. A kitűnő rajzok mint egy képregényszerűen vetik fel az érzelmek megfelelő átélésének és belső kezelésének kérdéseit. A füzet és a CD kiválóan alkalmas arra, hogy az iskolai egészségnevelési és megelőzési programokban használják, és általában vezérfonalként szolgáljon mindenütt, ahol fiatalokkal fejlesztően foglalkoznak. A drog-megelőzés szempontjából különösen jelentős kiadvány.

Péter Vajda Primary School

Reference certification

The Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission has been holding Bible knowledge classes in our institution for a number of years now. We have come to know their associate Judit Lódri as a religious instruction teacher with a love for children and a good pedagogic sense. Our collaboration is unperturbed. Before the Christian festivals (Christmas, Easter), puppet shows and dramatic performances have also been put on for our pupils.

István Bezerédi Primary School and Nursery School

Associates of the Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission organised a health day in our school on 04/04/2008 for children of the upper school. Both the teachers and the children enjoyed the overall programme very much.

The performers soon struck the right chord and established an intimate relationship with the children. Their performance led the pupils’ thinking in the right direction, drawing attention to a positive self-assessment. They were interested in the children’s honest opinions, which they then discussed and interpreted. They managed to keep the teachers’ attention too by using a lot of varied methods.

Stephen I Primary School


Associates of the Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission organised a health day in Stephen I Primary School, Karancsság on 29 March 2008 for children of the upper school.

The subjects of the performances aroused the pupils’ interest, they took an active part in the work, many of them opening up to answer questions. They made statements honestly, and related their thoughts. I liked how the lecturer brought up his own personal experiences as examples, and emphasised the role of God and religion.

Headmistress of Our Lady of Hungary Roman Catholic Primary School

“Palánta Foundation” paid us a visit:

From 10 o’clock on 12 December 2007, pupils from our upper school were kept busy in two groups. Class 5 and 6, and class 7 and 8. Talking to the pupils for two hours, followed by two hours of film club. The children were absorbed and interested by both activities, they enjoyed themselves, expressed their opinions, and immediately got involved in the flow of things.

Interpreting the film was a special experience for them.

János Vitus Balsaráti Primary School


The performance by the Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission has had a positive influence on the mental health development of our pupils. The style of the performance was appropriate for the age-group of the children, they were carried along by the playful manner, they were interested in getting involved in solving the exercises, and they thought about what they had heard.

József Zelenák, mental hygienist, chief advisor to Director of ÁNTSZ (National Public Health Institute) Budapest Metropolitan Institute


The self-knowledge workbook “Palánta makes you think” has been produced for educationalists, children’s workers and for the children themselves.

The goal of the editors was to make children think about the dangers threatening them, and to prepare them to act properly at the right time.

The material is compiled from stories, various series of questions, drawings and useful Biblical wisdom, and is useful for talking to children about problems caused by drugs, and about healthy relationships, friendship and responsibility.