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Palanta Mission, the Rescue for Children's Souls ®

The most precious treasurers good parents have are their children. They see their own lives continuing in their children and they intend them to have much better lives than they themselves had. So they lovingly plan their children's future. Good parents would like their children to avoid the mistakes they have made. Yet since their own childhood the world has gotten so much worse. Bad things like violence, pornography, alcohol, drugs and so many other poisonous things threaten to corrupt their children's souls and destroy their bodies.

All the while what is given less value these days is treating the next person with respect and love, carrying out one's responsibility dependably, being faithful, patient, obedient and having good morals. How can all this be changed? How could we be assured that the lives of today's children are secure?

This is where the Palanta Rescue Program for Children's Souls will help you.

                                                The Palanta Rescue Program for Children's Souls

The coworkers of the Palanta Children's and Youth Mission have dedicated their lives since 1991 to the future of Hungary, which is its new generation. We know that children are the biggest losers while family life is given less attention as the country is going through the process of changing its cultural values. Our experience shows that children today do not receive enough love, personal attention and wise parental guidance, and do not get a strong enough foundation to make their value judgments, nor do children today get enough infilling in their "emotional tank", so they get no protection from making wrong decisions and from drifting into bad company, which will eventually ruin their whole life.

It is in this situation that the coworkers of the Palanta Rescue for Children's Souls stand by to help parents, educators and children.

Our work reaches out nationwide.

We are in contact with more than one third of the elementary schools of the country and also with pre-schools and high- schools. Ten thousands of children get to see our puppet shows in the Christmas and Easter seasons. In the framework of our elementary school program we work with groups of children in the schools.

We teach the Bible after regular classes during the after school care hours. Our Rescue for Children's Souls coworkers teach the most important facts and narrative accounts of Holy Scripture to the children. We welcome every child, parent and educator to our groups in the schools! Children enjoy attending times of play we offer as well.

We aim to share with the children the teachings in the Bible that deal with the practical issues of life so that they could put these to use in their lives every day. This is how they would be happy and those around them would also take note that what the children learn from God's Word is good.

The coworkers of the Palanta Rescue for Children's Souls are teaching in 135 schools week after week at present. In our 500 groups several thousand young children meet with God's Word every week in 80 institutions in Budapest and in 55 in the rest of the country.

In the beginning we brought the world of the Bible closer to the children with casette recordings of stories, then later with CDs containing music and special programs. Every year when children are registered for school in the spring, 35 thousand children--one third of all little first graders who are being registered-- can receive a gift of a CD with a children's program on it together with coloring crayons. The CD is entitled: "A Picnic in the Spring".

Year by year more than 100,000 children meet with the Bibical value system by way of our puppet shows in schools and pre-schools and they hear about God's love and forgiveness and how to receive it. In the Christmas season 70-80 thousand children, in the Easter season 40-50 thousand children attend our puppet plays. Presently 5 groups of volunteer puppeteers function actively in our capital city and 50-60 in other locations in the country. With their help the value system and character of the generation now growing up can be shaped effectively.

We are in regular contact with 1100 schools in the country. Our groups of puppeteers get into 600-700 educational institutions and they are expected in as many others as that.

The generation of teenagers receive help from our Rescue for Youths' Souls ministry to form proper patterns of behavior and a proper sense of identity. Since 2007 nearly 6,000 students attended our educational program for the improvement of their health. The topics we cover are: relationships between couples, love-romance, sexually transmitted diseases, communications, and the treatment of agressive behavior.

The coworkers of the Palanta Rescue for Children's Souls are committed to labor for the mental, spiritual and moral purity of the generation now growing up. This provides the foundation for the healthy families of the future. The healing process of society can be begun by restoring the individuals and families in it. This is where the Palanta Childrens' and Youth mission is your coworker.