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Palánta Mission – Children’s Soul Winner ®

 Palánta Mission – Children’s Soul Winner

Children are a most valuable treasure to good parents. Children, in whom they see the continuation of their lives, and for whom they intend a much better fate than their own. Children, whose futures they map out with love. Good parents would like their children to avoid the stumbling blocks they once tripped over. And the world has changed so much since then in a negative way! Today’s children are overwhelmed with negative influences from many sources: violence, pornography, alcohol, drugs, and all kinds of poison to infect and destroy both body and soul. (How did we get this far? Thoughts on a piece of news”)

Respect and love for other people, integrity, faithfulness, patience, obedience and morality are increasingly losing their value. How can this be changed? How can children of today know that their lives are secure?

Palánta Children’s Soul Winners can help you with this. 

                                              Palánta Children’s Soul Winner

Since 1991, the staff of Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission have dedicated their lives to the future of Hungary, to the up and coming generation.

We know that in the process accompanying the collapse of families and the transformation of society in this country, children have the most to lose. In our experience, they do not receive enough love and personal attention, or wise parental guidance, they are not given an appropriate basis on which to make value judgements, their “emotional tanks” are not filled up, so there is nothing to keep them from making wrong decisions, keeping bad company, and from the drifting which in time will ruin their whole lives.

Palánta Children’s Soul Winners  will stand by parents, teachers and children in this situation.

Our work covers the whole country.

We are in contact with more than one third of the primary schools in the country, as well as with nursery schools and secondary schools. Tens of thousands of children see our puppet shows at Christmas and Easter times. Within the scope of our primary school programme, we deal with children in school groups.

We hold Bible courses after lessons, during day-care time. Our Children’s Soul Savers teach the children the most important stories and facts from the Scriptures. All children, parents and teachers are welcome to come to our school groups. Children enjoy attending our playful studies.

Our principle is that children should get to know Biblical teachings on practical life issues, and apply these to their everyday lives. In this way they can be happy, and their environment will take notice: the children will only learn good things from the Word of God.

The Palánta Children’s Soul Winners at present teach in 135 schools, on a weekly basis. Several thousand small children in 500 groups encounter the Word of God every week in 80 institutions in Budapest and 55 in the countryside.

We introduced children to the world of the Bible with stories on audio cassette in the beginning, then with pre-recorded music CDs. 35 thousand children every year, which is one third of all those registering in spring for the first year of school, are given the gift of a CD and colouring sheet. The title of the CD: Spring Trip.

More than 100,000 children every year are presented with the Biblical value system by means of our puppet shows in schools and nursery schools – they hear about forgiveness, acceptance and the love of God. 70-80 thousand children attend our puppet shows at Christmas, and 40-50 thousand at Easter. At present 5 volunteer puppet teams are active in the capital and 50-60 in the provinces. With their help the value system and character of the up and coming generation can be effectively shaped.

We are in regular contact with 1100 schools throughout the country. The puppet teams get into 600-700 educational institutions, and they have invitations from around the same number again.

Our Youth Soul Winners ministry to the teenager generation helps to form correct role behaviour and identity. Since 2007, around 6,000 students have participated in our health development educational scheme. Subjects: love and relationships, addictions, communication and aggression management.

The Palánta Children’s Soul Winners are faithfully committed to the mental, spiritual and moral purity of the up and coming generation. This lays a foundation for healthy families of the future. The healing of society must begin with the restoration of individuals and families. The Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission has a part to play in this.