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Palánta Destiny Changing Foundation ®

The main goal of Palánta Destiny Changing Foundation is to promote the healing of society and the restoration and strengthening of families in this country by passing on the message of the Bible.

 What the living God can accomplish in a person’s heart through the words of Bible surpasses all other means. But for this to happen, people need to hear the message. Palánta Destiny Changing Foundation helps to achieve this using original methods and resources.

The Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission has targeted shaping the life and thinking of the up and coming generation by means of the Word of God with an eye to the future. This work is in accord with the goals of the Palánta Destiny Changing Foundation and the help of the Mission is therefore appreciated.


The operation of the foundation is backed by individual supporters. We would be grateful if by your support you could help us achieve our goals.

 Palánta Destiny Changing Foundation

Address: 1071 Budapest, Rottenbiller u. 24. HUNGARY
Correspondence address: 1406 Budapest, Pf.: 61. HUNGARY

Tax number: 18168042-1-42
Telephone: +36-70-366-55-78
E-mail address: palanta [harmadik] enternet [dot] hu

Bank account number: 10400205-02010397-00000000
IBAN: HU93 1040 0205 0201 0397 0000 0000