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Audio Book

What’s an audio book?

The beginnings…

Associates of the Palánta Children’s and Youth Mission have been producing audio books for children living in Hungary for around 15 years. At the beginning the audio book included a pre-recorded music cassette and an activity book associated with the cassette, a Palánta Family Post. In recent years the cassette has been replaced by a CD, though the character of Palánta Post has not changed.

The newspaper – our favourite characters

The newspaper for children has a striking, colourful modern appearance. When little children open up a Palánta Family Post, a truly wonderful world meets their eyes. Following a familiar cheery greeting, they can meet the main characters from the stories on the CD, and they can colour in the figures according to their own taste. Under each colouring sheet is a wise saying (Bible verse). These wise sayings are carefully selected to fit the characters of the players, and as they come from the Bible, they infiltrate the children’s hearts and minds, thus shaping the children’s characters in a positive way.

The comic strip

At the beginning, the story heard on the CD was included in every Palánta Post in written form, illustrated with a few nice pictures. As the years passed, we thought we could add a splash of colour to the paper by printing the centre page in colour and presenting the children with a colourful comic strip on a theme independent of the Christmas or Easter holiday. This plan was implemented and since Christmas 2008 there has been a wonderful comic strip surprise included in every Palánta Post.

The message

There is always a short, but all the more substantial message for the children in connection with the puppet show or the comic strip. The message for the children always stresses the central theme of the puppet show, which is the birth or death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, which we bring near to the children in language they can understand, offering the little ones an opportunity to attain a new, changed life. What do I mean by this? That not only when there is a puppet show, and not only on reading the newspaper, but by getting to know Jesus Christ personally they can experience a hideaway and the protection they long for every day. The articles addressed to parents include practical advice and instructions related to improving family life, or to creating a family atmosphere. Our child-raising tips are provided by married couples who are active parents.

Palánta Post correspondence ministry – Grandma Palánta

If you fill in the response form on the last pages and send it back, you will receive a gift and you can join in with the correspondence Bible school, which you can complete by post free of charge including playful, fun activities and colouring sheets. Grandma Palánta will answer all e-mails and letters from children, who can share their joys and sorrows with her.

What is needed for the Audio book to get into the hands of hundreds of thousands of children free of charge every Christmas and Easter?

The cost of producing one Palánta Family Post + associated CD is 100 Ft. For 5000 Ft (18 euros) 50 children will receive the gift CD and activity book, and with it the message of the gospel to transform the heart and mind. Reckoning on two hundred thousand children, this is 20 million Ft!

In recent years God has provided enough support through people from holiday to holiday, that producing these has not been a problem. We have readily and joyfully performed this ministry since then too. Christmas will soon be here, and our latest Audio book, the wonderful Christmas Palánta Post entitled “When you receive” has been prepared… and is still waiting to be published. If we cannot produce them all at once, we will start production to the extent that pledges come in! And although time is short, together all things are possible!

I will support production of the Audio books.
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And in order for the gospel message to be taken by means of the 150 puppet teams to the schools requesting a Christmas puppet performance, a further 8 million forints is needed to cover the equipment for the puppet teams (puppet screen, foreground, background, puppets, floodlights).

I will provide support for the equipment needed for the work of the puppet teams ministering at Christmas and Easter.
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If you would like to support us by means of a postal cheque, please contact us.(palanta [harmadik] enternet [dot] hu)

The making of the Palánta Audio books

Interview with Mrs. Eszter Kováts Berzsán. Behind-the-scenes secrets of Palánta Post.

Interview with Dr. Anna Hontvári (Mrs. György Kováts) writer for Palánta.